//Mission and history

Mission and history

International and local Slovak community organizations, representatives of other communities living in Slovakia actively support our volunteer activities in assisting Ukraine.

In September 2014, SOSukrajina/SK Facebook group was created by group of volunteers, which provides information about current needs/requests, collected and delivered support to Ukraine. For two years, as volunteering assistance, we have been taking care for the wounded Ukrainians under treatment and rehabilitation in Slovakian and Austrian medical settings, as well as buying medicines and medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals, collecting and transporting to Ukraine clothes, shoes, toys, baby food, hygiene products for orphanages, internally displaced persons and children of fallen heroes.

Establishment of Charitable Fund “Ukraine – Slovakia SOS” in Ukraine and “SME SPOLU” (English: “We are together”) in Slovakia is a natural consequence of our volunteer activities.

The aims of these organizations are:
  • Development and implementation of humanitarian projects to help Ukraine;
  • Representation of Ukrainian community in various segments of public life in Slovakia;
  • Promotion and development of Ukrainian-Slovak cooperation in both public and private sectors; creation of a dialogue platform in commercial as well as in public sector;
  • 1Maintenance, development and popularization of Ukrainian culture in Slovakia and in the European Union as well;
  • Identification of needs, protection of interests and information support of Ukrainians concerning immigration and integration issues.