/From Bratislava 🇸🇰 to Kharkiv 🇺🇦

From Bratislava 🇸🇰 to Kharkiv 🇺🇦

Meet, this is the eleventh twenty-ton truck that Ukraine-Slovakia SOS has sent to Ukraine. Today it left Bratislava; the previous one (for those who follow our humanitarian chronicles) was on his way from Košice.

Recently, our inner voices more often whisper to us – enough, enough. Let those who are supposed to do it, who after all get paid for it, take care of it. And then we get calls from new and old donors who have already collected aid and want to continue providing it with us. From ordinary people who support us so much, believe in our joint victory so much that already other inner voices are tickling, well, ok, let’s work on it.

We thank everyone who participated in the collection, sorting, loading, and transportation of this cargo. Ukrainian partners who will transport it around Ukraine. We are glad that we can return to our old warehouse at Galvaniho, 2/a. Thanks to our coordinator Olga Buso! SME SPOLU!