/From Bratislava 🇸🇰 to Sloviansk 🇺🇦

From Bratislava 🇸🇰 to Sloviansk 🇺🇦

Slovyansk and Kramatorsk are now under fire, many are wounded and there is no desire to take photos. However, we are very grateful for the feedback from the courageous doctors of the Slovyansk Hospital on receiving humanitarian aid from Ukraine-Slovakia SOS/SME SPOLU: infusion devices and ostom for the seriously injured by ConvaTec, food and hygiene Ihor Mudryk , Gary Timmis. Special thanks to Mykola Siusko for logistical support.

Ukraine-Slovakia SOS thanks to everyone who joined this help. You are incredible!💙💛

We continue to work SME SPOLU!