/From Kosice 🇸🇰 to Uzhhorod 🇺🇦

From Kosice 🇸🇰 to Uzhhorod 🇺🇦

We hardly mention the titanic work of the Ukraine-Slovakia SOS team in Košice. And this is completely unfair. Svitlana Peshterianu works non-stop on it: it receives cargo from all over Europe, and sends trucks to Uzhgorod (the third one in the video, but the fourth one in the photo).

Svitlana solves a lot of administrative issues super constructively. And there are much more of them than we imagined when we started it. Thank you, Svitlana, infinitely, from west to east. Of course, this is not enough, but at least it is sincere. And we hug you tightly! 💙💛SME SPOLU!