/From Spain🇪🇸 through Bratislava🇸🇰 to Dnipro🇺🇦

From Spain🇪🇸 through Bratislava🇸🇰 to Dnipro🇺🇦

The Oncology Dispensary in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro received humanitarian aid from Ukraine-Slovakia SOS / SME SPOLU. Infusions and ostomies produced in Spain will be used in the treatment of critically ill Ukrainians.

Thanks to Mykola Siushko and his colleagues for the Uzhhorod-Dnipro logistics. Thank you to all who helped with loading and storage of the cargo at the UkraineSlovakiaSOS/SME SPOLU warehouses in Bratislava.💙💛

Thanks to our partners, volunteers and sponsors! We will continue to work with SME SPOLU!