/Aid for the families affected by Chornobyl disaster

Aid for the families affected by Chornobyl disaster

One of the families who got the humanitarian aid, collected by volunteers, is the family of Zlatitza and Serhyi Reznichenko – the liquidator of Chernobyl disaster. Serhyi was among those who at the expense of their lives, tried to reduce disaster affects. They have four kids, two of them were born after the disaster and were affected by the radiation.

Zlatitza Reznichenko and her children spent a lot of time in the hospitals during complicated and tiring medication. There they met a lot of families, whose children became invalids because of Chornobyl disaster. Despite of own problems, the Reznichenko helped the affected families.

Now “Ukraine SOS/SME SPOLU” has joined the initiative. Reznichenko family, living in Slovakia, Stuzhky family (Kyiv), Drahalchuk family (Kharkiv) got clothing, shoes, toys, stationery and school supplies. Also, a lot of things will be given to families from Donetzk, who had to leave the temporarily occupied city.