Ukrainian School
in Evacuation

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Ukrajinská škola v evakuácii (UŠE)
Ukrajinská škola v evakuácii (UŠE)

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Ukrainian School in Evacuation (USE)

is a part of the project “Creation of Ukrainian community centers for supporting education, integration and protection of Ukrainians who received temporary protection in Slovakia”, which SME SPOLU implements in cooperation with UNICEF and with support from Cambridge International School in Bratislava.

The school came into existence in April 2022 in cooperation with the Ukrainian Sunday School in Bratislava. On a voluntary basis Ukrainian teachers with temporary protection status started teaching Ukrainian students, who were forced to leave their home and studies in Ukraine, in accordance with the Ukrainian curriculum.

In the academic year 2022/23 seventy students of 7th-11th grades from all around Ukraine study basic subjects – Ukrainian language, history, algebra, geometry, English and Slovak language. Besides, children gain knowledge in professional orientation, financial literacy, and explore themselves in art therapy classes.

The work in USE is carried out by a team of 12 professional teachers and two administrators. All personnel have temporary protection status in Slovakia. This model lets Ukrainian refugees not only receive help, but be a part of those who actively provide it.

The objective of our school lies not only in resuming the educational process for Ukrainian students and preparing future applicants for entering universities. It is also providing them with favorable conditions for social adaptation: a possibility to communicate with their peers and make friends, be introduced to life in the EU, receive psychological help and comprehensive support, and travel around Europe and Slovakia.

We create a safe and warm atmosphere for the students in our school, fill their lives with positive emotions and motivate them to study.


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Promoting enrolment of Ukrainian children in Slovak schools