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Helping Ukraine for 10 years

SME SPOLU (meaning WE ARE TOGETHER in Slovak) is a civic association of Ukrainians in Slovakia, which was founded in 2015 in Bratislava. From 2014 to 2015 we worked as volunteers.

Ukraine-Slovakia SOS is a charity fund, which was founded in Ukraine in 2015 to provide humanitarian aid gathered by SME SPOLU in Slovakia.

In September 2014, our volunteers created a Facebook group named UkraineSlovakiaSOS which provides information on current needs as well as support collected and delivered to Ukraine. As a volunteer movement of support to Ukraine it’s been two years since we started to take care of the Ukrainian wounded soldiers who were undergoing medical treatment and rehabilitation in Slovakia and Austria. We used to buy medicines and healthcare supplies for the Ukrainian hospitals, collected and shipped clothes, shoes, toys, baby food, hygiene products for the kids of the fallen Ukrainian heroes, children’s homes and internally displaced persons.

Our volunteer activity has resulted in establishment of Charitable Fund “Ukraine – Slovakia SOS” in Ukraine and “SME SPOLU” (English meaning: “We are together”) in Slovakia.

Ukrajinská škola v evakuácii
Our mission

Help for victims of Russian aggression in Ukraine

This year the Slovak council of “Biela vrana” awarded those that were helping Ukraine and its nation to protect itself from Russian aggression and those that were trying to mitigate the impact of the horrors of the war.

Ukraine-Slovakia SOS/SME SPOLU received the award “Biela vrana-2022” for aiding Ukraine together with the president of Slovakia, other Slovak organizations and volunteers.

Who we are

Our team

SME SPOLU brings together people of different age, profession/specialty and even nationality. But we do have something in common – we are energetic, responsible and caring. We love people and our work.