Informational support

One of the main areas of activity of Ukraine-Slovakia SOS / SME SPOLU is informational support of Ukrainians that were forced to leave their homes and found shelter in Slovakia.

From the first days of the war our organization has been providing timely and relevant information in the Facebook group  Українці в Словаччині / Ukrajinci na Slovensku, which ranged from the border crossing rules and registration of the temporary protection status to the doctor’s recommendations.

Social media made it possible for refugees in the most remote corners of the country to quickly get answers to questions important for them, share their experience and support each other.

Especially worth noting is the group Житло для біженців в Словаччині/ Ubytovanie pre utecencov z Ukrajiny, which has become one of the main tools of housing search for refugees. Dozens of people find free accommodation there every week.

Moreover, special thematic groups were created to provide refugees with the possibility to find a job, offer their services, give and receive donations.

Informational support is provided not only on social media but also by phone and during the meetings in the Ukrainian and Slovak House.